“We help our clients create a technology platforms that make their workflows simple and fluid, integrate all the areas within the organization leading to a collaborative environment” 

Our research has shown that no company uses the 100% of the implemented technology platforms. Technologies have come and gone. We have seen SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc trying to help businesses achieve highest levels of technology. One thing that these technologies have never been able to do is integrate the entire organization which has made them complex to use.  In reality these technologies have created silos within organizations and because these are resource planning technologies, they don't create collaborative organizations. ERP was designed for a traditional stable structure with clear unitary reporting lines, and adjusting it to reflect an evolving structure was taxing. Enterprises need something more dynamic. In the vast majority of organizations, the vision and the business model are fixed axes around which the entire enterprise revolves. They are often worked out by company founders and, once proven successful, rarely altered. Consequently, the structure, systems, processes, and culture that support them also remain static for long periods. ERP does more straitjacketing than facilitating change today. But we have built strategic partnership with technology leaders who do have the kind of technology that does exactly what technology should do - simplification, integration, collaboration. We call them High Performance Technology platforms and have a direct impact on the organizational performance.

What do we do

We start with a Performance Diagnostic followed by a Business Process Simplification and finally the creation of the technology platform that suits the needs of our client. All the applications, workspace modules are designed on the basis of a thorough understanding of the processes of an organization. We involve cross-functional teams to make sure that the personnel from the client’s side understand the platform and its uses to the fullest. The workspaces that we build allow the entire organization to integrate in a way that in a single browser window they can perform all the business activities without having to open 10 different platforms to perform 10 different activities. The aim of the high performance technology is to pave way to collaborative organization that ultimately creates higher value than a traditional organization abandoning time wasting in meetings, generating reports etc.

We are always working very closely with innovative technology companies like Corpa-True Enterprise MobilityGoogle to help our clients implement the most innovative and high performance technologies.

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