Leadership and Talent is key to organizational success in the long term. the right leadership and talent allow COMPANIES to achieve sustainable growth.

LAM works with clients to develop talent solutions that make an immediate impact on talent and leadership supply as well as longer-term capabilities that take time to bear fruit, such as recruiting strategies and training programs.

CEOs worry about having the right people in key jobs–they know it’s key to ensuring great decisions and execution. But most are frustrated by the time and effort it takes to kick-start their organizations’ talent machine. Building a talent-rich organization is in fact a multiyear challenge. But three specific steps will not only have an immediate impact on a company’s talent supply, they will also lay the foundation for longer-term moves.

  • Quantify the talent gap. A rigorous analytic picture of the gap between the supply of and demand for talent makes the challenge visible. Suddenly the talent issue can no longer be shuffled off to the human resources department; it is now on everyone’s agenda, including that of the board.
  • Deploy existing talent more effectively and recruit selectively. Too many companies suffer from “grade inflation” and don’t know who their top performers are. As a result, those individuals may not be in the jobs with the greatest impact on key decisions. Identifying those jobs and filling them with highly skilled individuals, recruited externally if necessary, can have a big impact on performance.
  • Reduce the demand for talent. Organizations that simplify their processes and clearly spell out accountabilities can simultaneously lower costs and reduce the need for specialized skills. One South Africa-based mining company, for example, standardized production methods, equipment, engineering and so forth across all its mines and processing plants, making it easier for less experienced managers to get up to speed when they take over a new facility. That increased the available pool of managers and allowed higher-skilled people to take on jobs with larger spans of control.

These steps help leaders address their talent challenges quickly. They also build longer-term commitment for the actions that take more time to bear fruit–changing recruiting strategies, building new training and mentoring programs and the like.

What do we do

  • Leadership and Executive Development: Our programs offer results-focused solutions to equip leaders and leadership optimize performance.
  • Talent and Performance Management: Our leadership and talent programs help you establish and implement a talent management based scalable.
  • Learning and Development: Our learning and development programs offer world-class training, tailored to their specific needs, in collaboration with leading business schools such as London Business School. Our approach to learning and development combines the best practices in current research delivery methods to improve the learning process. Under this program, we integrated development programs with technology through our strategic partners such as Google Podio.

Does your organization continuously create new leaders?  Do you have a leadership and talent development program in your organization? 

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