“The way we communicate today has completely changed and is changing every day. More devices and ecosystems to consume, the media facilitate reaching consumers."


The challenge for all telecommunications companies is choosing where and how to participate in evolving markets, or ecosystems, while ensuring that their core businesses are operating at full potential. LAM helps telecom clients enter new markets, defend existing ones, build sustainable culture, engage employees with purpose, innovate to change lives through technology, improve performance, control costs and profitably invest resources.

LAM is one of the leading choice for the telecommunications industry. Our clients include the leading global telecom service companies and communications equipment suppliers.

Our projects have focused on results-oriented strategies in the following areas:

  • Business Model Renewal Four Arms of Value®
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation
  • Improving decision effectiveness
  • Complexity reduction
  • Supply chain management

LAM helps leading media and telecom companies make strategic decisions about where to play in the future ecosystem, how to benefit from new content delivery models such as over-the-top video and new opportunities to monetize broadband, and how to partner with media and technology players to increase revenue pools.


Case Study AMG

AMG’s salesforce performance varied widely across markets, with half of the sales team generating 90 percent of all revenue, but only spending 40 percent of their time actually selling.

With ad revenue dropping sharply due to online competitors, AMG was under pressure to build a more effective salesforce, with a clear strategy for pursuing new accounts and strong centralized support. At stake: survival in key markets.

Working collaboratively, we helped the CEO develop several initiatives, including prioritising ways to increase performance and identifying prime industries for targeted sales campaigns, with the goal of boosting market share and retaining business.

We helped AMG identify priority categories for its salesforce to target.

To better gauge success, we also developed a performance scoring tool and metrics. And to free up top sellers, we designed a platform program to reduce administrative work.

Six priority categories have been launched in field, driving growth 10-20 pts above market.

Top sellers have gained 2.0 to 6.0 points share of total revenue in their markets due to High Performance Technology program.

And all sellers are improving their sales skills through high performance metrics and increased coaching from sales managers.