Organization & Culture (OC) is a category of programs that we provide to our clients in order for them to build strong Employee Value to create highly competitive Consumer Value. OC allow organizations to build capabilities that differentiate them from the compeitition and as we know culture is very hard to copy. Organization and Culture is a category of six programs.

1. High Performance Culture (HPC)

High performance culture allows companies to become dynamic and rapidly changing organizations

GE, IBM Unilever, have a powerful organizational personality–a “soul”–derived from a deep heritage. Others, such as Zappos or Google, create their own distinctive environment. What about your organization? 

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2. Organizational Reorganization (OR)

"Reorganization is a healthy way of organizational renewal, but only when done with proper planning and execution"

The chief determinant of an organization’s performance is its ability to make and execute its key decisions. Does your organization need reorganisation? Do you know?

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3. Leadership and Talent (LT)

"Leadership and Talent are key to ensuring the big decisions and implementation."

CEOs worry about having the right people in key jobs–they know it’s key to ensuring great decisions and execution. How well talented is your organization? How about your leadership? Is it good enough? 

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4. Decision Effectiveness (DE)

"Decisions are very important. Organizations that take decisions effectively achieve superior financial goals" 

What does it mean to handle decisions well? Our experience with high-performing organizations suggests that certain guidelines are critical. How effective is decision making in your organization? 

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5. Incentives & Measures (I&M)

"Incentives and measures should be united by common goals."

"The most effective organizations avoid overloading on metrics, taking care instead to measure what matters. How does your organization measure evaluate performance and incentivize personnel?"

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6. Work Life Balance (WLB)

"Work Life Balance is defined as a satisfactory level of involvement or ‘fit’ between the multiple roles in a person’s life."

"Where does your organization stand? Do you have a work-life balance policy? "

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